June 8th in Tevasaari Park, Helsinki!

Now it’s time to rave on lots and lots and lots for Eurypaa 2019!

Barcelona convention DJs will be warming up the people in Tervasaari Helsinki, and it’s your call to come dance with us whether you are going to the Eurypaa 2019 convention or not in August 8.-11.

The Fun(d)rave will be held during the daytime, depending on the weather. All the profits will be donated to the organizing of Eurypaa 2019.

Damage: 10 €, COME! (cash is king).
If you lack of cash right now, come anyway for the heck of it! ♥

The Fun(d)rave will be hosted by hot Dancypaa DJs Dani & Jarkko, the final line-up will be presented closer to the event. But even with these two, you are guaranteed to get happy, sweaty and free!

We close this event smoothly with an AA-meeting in Kallio, a 20 min walk from the picnic area.

Get your picnic pack, and join the bigger pack in techno.

Don’t be interested, be GOING ♥